Tuesday, July 15, 2014

(We're All) Born This Way

I was having a conversation with one of my younger nieces and was pleased at her Christian intelligence and insight. We talked about several things and, because, she has traveled to different places with other Christians to spread the gospel, I learned some things from her.

One of the topics we discussed was the hypocrisy that some Christians have when it comes to some types of sin.

Homosexuality is probably the biggest target of many Christian groups. Sometimes, as Christians, we forget that sin is sin - sexual sin, lying sin, the sin of coveting, etc.

The argument of many in the LGBT movement is that they are "born this way." I don't know for a facct if people are born feeling an attraction toward the same sex - or born feeling whatever sexual urges they do. I believe that it's possible because I know that I was born to grow up as someone who lies, cheats, hates, covets - you name it. If I haven't actually practiced a certain sin, I'm sure that it's been in my thoughts at one time or another.

My point is, we are born sinful but are saved through the love of Christ. I'm not going to criticize (anymore) the person who says they were born homosexual. Their sin is sin, and my sin is sin.

The only difference in sinners is that some choose not to honor their sin. I don't want others to make my sin "okay", or encourage me to celebrate it. I just want to be thankful that Christ paid for my sins. I wish others would take his gift.