Wednesday, May 21, 2014

To Be Hated

How many of us Christians have been hated for our beliefs? How many friends have we lost because they thought we hated them when we refused to condone their sinfulness?

A few years ago, I said something about Yoga in response to a question my niece asked me via a social network page. One of her friends (who I've known since she was very, very young) immediately took offense - even though I was not talking to her about the subject because I've never heard her claim to be a Christian. I feel bad about that, but not so bad that I'm going to agree with her just to soothe her feelings. I still pray for her, just like there are people who pray for me.

When I saw this video yesterday, I flashed back to that ugly incident with my niece's friend. I thought about how Jesus said that Christians would be "hated by the world." It's kind of funny to me that I had just seen a graphic reminding us that nothing on earth is worth going to Hell for. Amen.

Here is the video I watched:

I had a few of my own thoughts I want to share:

  • Just like the young woman I told you about who defended her love of yoga - there are things I had to choose to give up. I didn't want to hear the truth about certain things about the world that I was (and, in some cases, still am) struggling to hang onto. I don't hate the people hanging on to the things that we are supposed to give up when we come to Christ; I am opposed to the sin.
  • I make excuses to myself about some of the sinful things I do. But I still know they are wrong, and I still struggle to give them up.
  • As far as Oprah being involved in any way with a show about Christian preachers, that makes no sense to me. Oprah has said, very strongly, that she does not believe that Jesus is the only way. Now that this show about preachers has been out for a while, I can see exactly why she's involved: the show does not promote what Christ taught for his disciples. (I'm not Hindu - or a follower of any other religion but Christianity - so I would have no reason to be involved in promoting those religions in any positive way.)
  • From what I saw of the show's trailer, I got the feeling that those preachers are as lost as anyone they claim to be "showing the way" to Christ.
And, by the way, for anyone who believes I'm just talking bad about Oprah, I'm not. I used to admire her like so many people still do. I did wonder about some of the ideas she was promoting, but I didn't really pay attention until this: