Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Social Network Diet (Needs Balance)

Just this morning, I was putting up some funny pics on my blog. I also shared them on my ~groan~ Facebook timeline. When I was on Facebook, I was glancing through my other posts (about some news, social issues and, occasionally really important stuff - like, you know, the whole state of our souls). Like I often do when I post on social networks, I knew already that I would get more "hits" in one day for the funny photos than I will for a whole year for the other stuff.

Remember when the social networks were for sharing important news, or for discussing current events? Let's just forget social networks for a minute. Forget Twitter and Facebook and Google Plus. Remember when we used to have more conversations about what was going on in politics and education or lifestyles than we did about reality TV?

I've seriously been thinking that I just need to overhaul my network circles. I need to be "following" the timelines of people who are actually talking about something worth exercising my brain cells.

Am I alone here?

Maybe I'm just in a "mood", but I really am kind of tired of sharing commentary over postings only about pretty food, sexy bodies, the latest "ha-ha" or who looks good in what outfit. I'd really like to have some sincere discussion with people about things that actually matter and don't have a tabloid expiration date.

Just me? Is it? I hope not.

So, I'm going to stop thinking about overhauling my circles and just start doing it.

I'm  going to be searching the communities and forums on the different soc-network platforms to find people interested in real life important issues.

This doesn't mean that I'm going to be dropping old buds like hot bacon, but I am going to have to find some online social realness to balance out the diet of social candy. There's a reason I dropped the MySpace account years ago...

Funny enough (haha), one of the pics I posted on Facebook is perfect for this post:

Stop making me LAUGH. I'm ready to THINK now!