Monday, May 19, 2014

Like a Thief in the Night

Just saw this over at the Candid Christianity community on Google Plus:

As Christians, we know this to be true, but we might not think about how it is true for every breath we take. Most of us will die a human death. My mother used to remind me to be thankful for life because I could die before I take the next breath. (Heart attack, car wreck, mystery illness, allergic reactions, victim of crime - age, race, color, status won't matter.)

It's normal, I think, for most people to never consider the fact that they will die. When people get a diagnosis of a terminal illness, they think a lot about what to do in their remaining time. Maybe if we gave our impending deaths some thought every day, we'd live better lives.

By the way, when I searched this image with Google so that I could apply credit to the original source, the only "best guesses" at a match that came up were interesting. The best guess matches were variations of the "Keep Calm Sh*t Happens" images. And that actually is what most people tell themselves instead of facing their immortality (or immorality). Sad.