Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just My Imagination

To make people look like nuts with too much time on their hands  has got to be another of Satan's great tricks. Just try talking to young people (or even old people) about the dark element in  music and see what they do. Probably, like I did the first time, they will scoff at the idea. I not only scoffed, but I actually started to question whether or not my friend was a little bit crazy. That was many years ago. When I did start paying attention to things being said about music and the music  industry, I was pretty shocked. This phenomenon of evil in entertainment is not new, it's just getting more attention these days.

baphomet? really?

yes, really
The baphomet symbol in the news. Wikipedia on the subject.

Talk about putting a ring on it.

she's doubly okay with it

that's a lot of posing there

just a symbol of his biz, right?

I mean, just a symbol, right?

Oh, yeah. Just that symbol...

St Peter's cross, she says. Okay. Just like the swastika used to stand for something other than Nazism.
Is it just imagination or is there something going on here? 

more copycat poses

And more of the hand thing...


what's that, Em?

Oh, that. Uh huh. I see now
That's a lot of "imagination".

(Speaking of The Beatles, I plan to do a post on them shortly...)

So, what do you think? What's up with these performers? What message are they trying to convey with the clothing they wear and the hand signals the make? Notice it's not just entertainers who are doing this; there are quite a few other recognizable folks using the gestures.

Next time, I'll be posting some information I've found regarding these gestures and such.