Monday, May 5, 2014

Even the Elect?

I have to do some study on what the Bible says about even some of the elect falling away in the last days. Once I do study that passage, I will update this post. For now, I have some thoughts that came to me when I was sharing a video by Good Fight Ministries.

It's such a common thing that when I post anything on my social networks about the Lord or Christianity, I get very little feedback and almost no support. The other day one of my "play" aunties posted this pic:

Cussing = 100 "Likes"
Praising = 1 "Like"

I'm guilty of this sometimes, and I notice that I get way more response from my cursing than from my praying. What does that tell you? (And, of course, we all want to be "liked" in our social network circles, so...)

What I was thinking about some of us falling away is that it will happen not because we openly deny the Lord. I believe that most of us will refuse to heed what we know is true. Atheists will be lost for not believing, Christians will be lost because of willful stubbornness to ignore the truth.

We don't want to hear something that will cause us to stop listening to music or going to movies we like. We sure don't want to hear anything that will make us be more modest and pure in our physical relationships.

The music lie, sex lie, friend lie...
We don't want to agree with certain truths because we don't want to lose friends. We don't want to look "close-minded" or "goody-goody".

With all the talk about intolerance and bullying, we have been ignoring the fact that we, as Christians, are those one suffering most from both of these social scars. We are not tolerated, we are laughed at and mocked, we can be fired for expressing our beliefs.

I read the other day where some actress made the statement about love being the thing most worth fighting for. She was speaking in defense of gay marriage. Why aren't Christians allowed to feel the same way about their love for God?

Black people can't speak out against homosexuality without being reminded that we were once victims of similar "hate". Women get the same chastisement. God never said that being black or female was an "abomination" in His eyes. We get shouted down (and bullied) before we ever get to make that response.

This has happened to me (via OnlyJesusSaves)

The script has been flipped, people.

So, the next time I mention to someone that certain entertainment (and entertainers) might not be good for a Christian's spiritual growth, I'm going to think about "even some of the elect".