Thursday, May 1, 2014

***UPDATED*** Entertainment Assault: "House, M.D."

***When I say that I love watching this show, I have to admit that I am fast changing my mind. I recently started watching an episode and realized that the show, while plotted well, is a one-trick/on-track kind of phenom. The show can be summarized by looking at the title character:

  1. He is brilliant
  2. He is miserable
  3. He hates all things Godly (or even hopeful)
  4. He hates "light" of any kind, even when it tries to emanate from his own feelings
  5. He prefers others to be like himself
  6. He's an addict (and happily so)
  7. He's manipulative (and pleased about it)
  8. He's selfish (happily so)
  9. He's weak (whether he realizes it or not)
  10. He's a sad human being
  11. He's a bit psychotic or sociopathic (or some form of crazy); and infantile in his emotions
  12. He's almost always right (especially if being wrong could prove the existence of Someone or anyone greater than himself)
  13. His patients and colleagues are not as "enlightened" as he is and are burdened/weakened by their differences from him; they are pawns for his entertainment
  14. Other than his medical skills, he's a wasted life
The show could be great if it weren't so predictable. If the writers could have focused on the Sherlock-like deductions of House without cramming his atheism down our throats, this show would have been amazing. House's likeness to Sherlock Holmes (in his methods) is what kept me watching for 3 seasons worth. The continual "preaching" from the anti-God pulpit is what is going to keep me away.***

I'm going to start this post by saying that I love watching the TV show "House". Because I only watch shows via internet, I didn't start watching this particular show until about a month ago. I just found out that it's been off the air since 2012.

One of the reasons I initially liked this show was that the title character is so interesting. After I'd watched the first season, I realized just how interesting the character (and the show) really is.

Not only is Dr. House an atheist, but the whole show is designed to be a be an assault on all things religious. I'm not just talking about the overt assault of tearing down a belief in God or faith in anything but the brilliance of man. There is a lulling assault throughout the story lines meant to through questions at anyone leaning toward a belief in God.

I once heard a pastor break down the word "entertainment" in a way that shocked me. I can't recall his exact teaching, but I found the same information online from other sources. Let's look at what a couple of those sources have to say about what "entertainment" means:


When most of us think of entertainment, we accept the basic and common definition - like this one - and never stop to really think of the deeper meaning. (If you read the whole section at that link, you will see how the list of "related" words do go deeper.)

When I watch "House" now, I can see all the little assaults the show makes on my personal beliefs. I don't think there is one television show that doesn't assault my Christian faith in some way. 

The other day, I did a post on my other blog about being "actively ignorant". As I grow and mature in my faith, I am trying to be actively observant of the attacks on God. Where "House" is designed to attack not just "religion", but real faith of individuals, all it's done is reinforce my beliefs. If there is no God, why is there such an attack on Him by the world?

By the way, the actor who plays Dr. House, Hugh Laurie, is an atheist and is associated with the atheist actor Stephen Fry. Most of us never even realize that we are being "entertained" (or being kept in a "certain frame of mind") by celebrities with atheist beliefs. I'm not saying that these are all "bad" people (just as all Christians are not "good" people), but they have beliefs contrary to our own. (By the way, I had to renounce my celebrity crush on Keanu! LOL)