Friday, April 25, 2014

The Devil's Greatest Trick?

There's a quote about Satan's greatest trick being to convince us that he does not exist.

quoted in movies and all over the internet

I think The Lost One has a few more good tricks for distracting us from growing as believers:

  • To make us look only at the flaws of people trying to teach us something. We will look at a teacher's sins and bad habits instead of hearing their warnings about sins and bad habits.
  • We ridicule people who glorify Jesus and Christianity, but we celebrate those who sing and dance and act in the glorification of everything else.
  • We spend more time on TV and music and beautifying ourselves than we do on prayer, reflection and repentance.
  • We get caught up in discussion over race, sex, color, hair, jobs, school, sports, status, android vs Apple while we have no idea of the battle over our souls.
  • We  are ineffective in discussing truth because we are encouraged to stay so afraid of being bullied; being made to look stupid; getting laughed out; getting beaten or embarrassed; losing social network followings and real-life friends; and just not being comfortable in society.
  • Whenever we find resolve to discuss our faith, we are reminded of our sins and secrets.
In this great "age of communication," a lot of the faithful are crippled with fear and anxiety when it comes to spreading the message of Salvation.

We all need to armor up.