Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Eyes Wide Shut to Music?

If you've ever wondered about the subject of music being a tool. I sent this list of videos to family and friends. I don't know if they ever watched them, but I gained a lot to think about. (My notes are from the email I sent out.)

  • I didn't think I’d learn anything new, but I did. I didn't understand why so many songs (lyrics) included the words “rain man” (even some of the old folks songs I liked). I also learned that when I have watched videos, I haven’t really paid enough attention to what’s going on in them. (You guys KNOW how bad I am with words to songs! I’m apparently just too easily distracted...)

  • This one kind of blew my mind. Mike & I were a little chilled at the “bone-breaking” dancers. That was eerie.
  • I was previously very into Les Twins as dancers.

    • This is a link to a list of videos focused on the first person who got my attention with all this mess a few years back. While he makes a lot of sense, he does have a nasty (and childish) way of talking about homosexuals. They are living in sin, but he is a preacher & should be able to talk about that without making himself look petty. Reminds me a lot of a guy I used to work with.
    • . I really like the videos from this woman, mainly because she has past experience with the music business. Because of my problems with many members of the COGIC church I grew up in back in Texas, I made a note to my family about her speaking in tongues during some of her prayers. This is a lady who goes by the handle of “Holly Hood” & once worked in the music business. I like most of her videos because you can tell that she really cares for people. 
    If you don't agree with any of this, that's fine. As with anything we have strong feelings for or against something, we should ask ourselves why we do agree or disagree.